Thank you for visiting my career blog and online resume. This site is dedicated to sharing experiences and creating opportunity. I'm accomplished in management, media production, marketing and sales. I seek a challenging role with passionate professionals so that together we may advance the scale of our applied skills and quality of service. Learn more about me, comment on my blog or review my resume.
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A good manager is able to define value, strengthen weak areas, build relationships and lead a team toward achieving a common goal. I firmly believe that all levels of management are pivotal to the success of an organization and its members, and have found this role to be my most fulfilling professional experience.
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As we endeavor to turn our ideas into achievements, marketing will create opportunity while salesmanship builds relationships that last. The path to success will require strategy, execution and measurement. Through those steps, we will clarify the value of our idea, convince our audience of its need, and stay in tune with the effectiveness of our efforts.
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After a message is defined, it's ready to be expressed in a way that captures hearts and minds. Using media effectively requires both talent and perpetual skill development. I'm proficient with web development, video production, pre-press print and photography. Improvements to technology, and the way we use it to communicate, ensure I will always be learning!
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