Keep Your Copyright Current Dynamically with PHP and ASP

January 27, 2012

It’s a small detail, but one of my pet peeves — an expired copyright notice. I’ve been guilty of this myself. The fact of the matter is that having an old copyright date reflects poorly on your website, and ultimately your product or service. The problem is that many sites — even those built dynamically — use plain html text to display their copyright. It then becomes an easy thing to overlook or push aside at the turn of a new year. So, why not write these few lines of code and never worry about changing your copyright notice again? » Read more

Six Steps to Effective Marketing

December 12, 2011

What is your current marketing strategy? Which media do you use? Most importantly, how did you decide which strategy would work best? If you’re a startup business relying on “word of mouth”, it’s time to put the power of research, planning and execution to work for you. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of money on media and aren’t achieving the expected result — these steps are for you as well. Take the guesswork out of your marketing with these six universal steps.


1) Identify the Problem or Need
This first step may seem obvious, yet many will come up with “good ideas” that fail to address the root of the problem or fill a legitimate need. Know your customer, your strengths and weaknesses, and your competition first. How is your product or service positioned within your market? After uncovering the root of your problem or identifying the specific need being filled, you can move toward the best solution with confidence instead of hitting and missing with various attempts. Save time, money and your business with this critical step, which in essence is the backbone of your message. Your media will be much more effective at producing the expected results. » Read more

Timeless Truths: Win hearts and minds will follow

September 29, 2011

The Wizard of AdsThe past few years have been some of the most exciting, and challenging, years in existence for the world of communications and marketing. Thanks to smartphones and social media, the world is hyper-connected in ways we may have never imagined a short time ago. As exciting as this revolution has been, it’s also come during a time of hardship and uncertainty. A global recession has instilled fear into our lives, and populations seem divided on whether or not things will get worse yet before they get better. We are working harder than ever, focused on improving the present – hoping that it leads to a better tomorrow.


There’s no time like the present… right?
At a time when economy is fragile, our spirit for growth delivers new technologies and social interactions that demand our attention. Companies race to use the latest tools to gain a competitive edge, and consumers can’t help but try to keep up and enjoy the rocket ride to hyper-connectivity. Marketers cannot ignore the revolution taking place if they want to remain relevant in the minds of consumers, However, as marketers, are we really in tune with principles that will sustain growth in the future as the economy improves? » Read more

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